今野マルコ Maruko Konno


卒業後、PALETTE CULB、山陽堂イラストレーターズ・スタジオ(安西水丸塾)を修了。



第188回ザ・チョイス 有山達也さん準入選

第11回1_WALLグラフィック 居山浩二さん奨励賞

HBファイルコンペvol.30 仲條正義さん特別賞

Maruko Konno is from Tochigi prefecture and lives in Tokyo.

After graduating from Nihon university, she studied illustration at PALETTE CLUB and Sanyodo Illustrators School (the private academy of Anzai Mizumaru).

Working as a freelance illustrator, active as a publishing and advertisement.

She likes easygoing and funny things,coffeeshop and sweets.

The Choice 188th Tatsuya Ariyama Semi Prize

1_WALL Graphic 11th Koji Iyama Encouragement Award

HB FILE COMPETITON vol’30  Nagajyo Masayoshi Special Award